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C'est le 23 Juin que sortira Intergalactic Battle Tunes (...Stories From Behind The Dark Side Of The Moon To The Milky Way And Beyond), le premier album du combo allemand Sculforge (Power Speed Metal). La chanson Spacehull est maintenant disponible à l'écoute.

01. Into The Never
02. Lost In The Warp
03. Forbidden Knowledge
04. For The Omnisavior
05. For Honor
06. Spacehull
07. Lost And Found
08. Dark Ruins
09. The Sovereign Protects
10. Secrets Unlocked
11. Slave To The Machine
12. The Extraction
13. Extermination
14. A New Hope
15. Castilla Stands
16. Glorious
17. Schwanengesang
18. The Escape
19. Epitaph
20. Kings Of The Battlefield
21. Reign Of Chaos
22. Follow Me
23. Into The Depths
24. Heart Of Darkness
25. The Sculforge Inn Incident
26. Sculforge Inn


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