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Twilight Force (Power sympho) vient d'annoncer son nouveau chanteur. Il s'agit d'Alessandro Conti, de Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, Trick Or Treat.


"Hear ye! Hear ye!
We are overjoyed, elated and proud to finally present to you, our brave and patient Knights, the new singer of Twight Force . Please welcome Alessandro Conti! He has now joined our alliance, and will be a beacon of glory, hope and inspiration to us all. His astounding musicality and delivery of emotional and star-spangled vocals is in our opinion, without a shadow of a doubt, unparallelled within the genre today. And his radiant persona and wonderful character was a perfect match for everyone. We are honoured and delighted to henceforth raise our swords, bows, daggers and staffs by his side in the adventures to come. So now, join us, in a future illuminated by the fire of eternal light! And may the power of the dragon guide you all.

-Twilight Force"

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